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Don’t Forget The Orthodontist’s Reminder About Oral Hygiene

Very proud of his dental work, the orthodontist loves to tell you how good you will look when he is finished with you. Your teeth will gleam and you will always be willing to smile. But you can be quite certain that your visit to the orthodontist Skokie IL clinic will not come without the reminder to still take good care of your oral hygiene. It begins with one of the oldest lessons in the book, the one your momma read you when you were still quite young.

orthodontist Skokie IL

And we may as well give you the reminder again. Because all that fine dental work won’t keep your teeth all neat and straight and snow white for long if you choose to not brush your teeth at least twice a day. In fact, you should be doing more. The orthodontist says that you should brush your teeth regularly after every meal that you have consumed. Being the good clinician that he is, he would even be prepared to show how to do the job properly.

Just ask him nicely and he will oblige. He will probably remind you to floss and gargle with organic mouthwash regularly too. Because he wants his fine work to stay this way, he will probably recommend some fine products suitable for use. If he doesn’t then perhaps he has had a busy day in surgery and he just forgot. Like you, he is also human. Nevertheless, he wants you to be encouraged to brush your teeth regularly.

He is particularly concerned about those folks with sensitive teeth and experiencing what he likes to call ‘bite issues’. Oh, and that’s another thing. Even if your teeth and gums are fine, don’t forget to schedule regular checkup visits with the orthodontist.