Great Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture on a Budget

Let’s face it. Furniture can be expensive, but not when you shop with a budget in mind. There is a host of great ways to find quality furniture for your entire home. Use these easy tips to help you shop.

Finding Quality Furnishings

Check Antique Stores

A great place to start is with an antique store. If you’re looking for an armoire like the one grandma had, you can find it in an antique store. Look for wood like oak or mahogany and don’t turn away from products that may have chips or scratches as these can usually be sanded and restained.

You may find great furnishings in your local antique stores, so take your time in shopping. Look for dishes, china, Tiffany lamps, coffee tables, dressers, and cabinets. The added benefit to shopping at antique stores is that these are quality furnishings that aren’t cheaply made, so you likely won’t find Ikea products here!

Shop Yard Sales

AARP suggests shopping early and thoroughly at yard sales. Not only can you find great treasures, but you can find top of the line furniture that might cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere. Yard sales are no longer the small $1 items that no one wants. You can find yard sales with all antique furniture or all quality sofas. Check online and do a search regularly in your area in the warmer months to see where the top flea markets and sales are taking place.

When you shop at yard sales, be ready to move, too! If you find a good deal, have your credit card or cash on hand and be ready to call a mover to help you transport your goods – the same day. That way if you find a great dining room set, you won’t have to worry about someone beating you to it.

Check Consignment Shops

For the best in furniture, head to your local consignment shop. This is usually where you can find high-end items that people have donated. Maybe a relative passed away or moved out of state and couldn’t take all their belongings with them. For modern living room furniture in Baton Rouge LA you may find just what you want at a consignment shop. These stores are not always small either.

Tips on consignment shops:

  • Your consignment shop may actually be a huge warehouse that has 20 or 30 different sofas, armoires, living room sets and other types of furniture, so be prepared to walk.
  • If you see an item that is already marked “Sold”, don’t lose heart. Ask anyway.
  • Talk to the sales staff about when the shipments come in. Arrive early each week to see the new furniture as it comes in.

As you shop for new(er) furniture, you will find that there is a lot of ways to save on quality furniture. Just have your cash and credit card ready, and contact your mover right away. Really great deals will go fast and you don’t want someone trying to out negotiate you because they have their mover and truck with them. Happy shopping!