Too Much Water is a Bad Thing

Too Much Water

Flooding inside your house is always a surprise. It can come from hurricanes and storms, a snapped pipe or a broken appliance, flooding is a disaster for a home owner worried about protecting their investment. The key is quick reaction, since in humid Florida weather not removing the water quickly can result in mold, an environmental problem that is more difficult to repair then flood damage.


Is it an Emergency?

Coming home to water on the floor of the house or the garage is a homeowner’s nightmare. The first step is seeing were the water is coming from and stopping the flow if possible. If you can’t find (or turn) the shutoff valves for the sink, the dishwasher or the washing machine you can always shut off the main supply to the house, make sure you know where that is. It’s usually near one of the hose faucets outside the house. You can live without water for a while and you will need the time to start getting water out of your house. Does it smell, is it broken or backed up sewage pipe? Cleaning and disinfecting the affected area will be a special problem. Did the water reach the electrical wiring and start a fire? If so call the fire department immediately.

Time is Money

Work quickly to get items and belongings out of the water to preserve them, including extension cords and electrical power strips for safety. Remove as much of the water as you can, an extra fan or two that you (or your helpful neighbors) use during the hot summer can be a big help. In many homes the first priority are all the photo albums, treasured memories that you can’t replace.

Once you have the source of the water managed, its time to give a call to a water damage restoration service in Tampa FL. These businesses are successful when they reach quickly and work with the homeowner to give a quick estimate so they can get started. Don’t be afraid to call friends and family for a recommendation, you will be surprised how often these problems happen to other home and business owners like you. Keep level-headed and take pictures, lots of them. They will come in handy later if there is an insurance claim under your homeowners insurance policy should you have one.,

Most water damage restoration service in Tampa FL have the knowledge to address your flooding problem quickly with safety in mind. Pumps and wet vacs to remove water, and fans and dehumidifiers to dry out rooms are just some of the tools they routinely carry. While many Floridians have older terrazzo or newer tile floors that dry quickly, carpets and wood flooring need special care after a flood to maintain these expensive investments. It can take four days to dry out a home on your own, more in the humid Florida environment. Without the help of a water damage restoration service in Tampa FL you carpet could be ready for the dumpster in two.